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Join the ride and save money with Triad Truckpools

Plant shipments don’t have to be expensive! At Triad Plants, we offer a special service we call “Truckpools” for customers who are flexible with their shipping dates. Truckpools can reduce your delivery fees to as little as 10% of plant costs. Sign up for email alerts so you know when Truckpools will be available in your area and take advantage of incredible delivery discounts. 

How it works

We often have trucks heading your way with extra space.  That’s when you can join a last-minute “Truckpool ride” and fill the truck with as many plants as you want for one fixed freight price. (See table below for details.)

How to join

After registering for the service, you will start receiving email notifications of upcoming Truckpools that are coming to your area. The email will include the discounted shipping price and specific delivery date.

If the timing of a particular Truckpool works for you, just reply to the email alert and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible to take your order, where you’ll get as many plants as you want for 1 flat shipping rate.