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Triad Logistics

Triad was founded over 40 years ago with the mission of providing the best Tropical Plants in the country, predominantly grown in Florida, to our customer partners nationwide.

For many of our partners getting plants shipped out of Florida is a logistical nightmare and painfully expensive. The trucking shortage has been a challenge for years during peak season, but now with inflationary pressures on fuel and labor shortages, freight has become a central pain point year-round.

Our next step in this journey is the launch of Triad Logistics – our in-house trucking service designed to address many customer partners growing struggles with the cost and reliability of moving plants from Florida to their local storefronts.

Those who are happy with their current shipping provider, rest assured you can continue using them when ordering plants from Triad. But, for those who need help shipping, Triad Logistics offers two hassle-free and affordable alternatives.

Full Service
With full service you order and we handle the rest. Our in-house logistics team will arrange for your order to be consolidated at our new shipping facility. We also coordinate the long-haul segment directly on one of our dedicated trucks headed to your region. We have dedicated trucks headed to the Northeast, Midwest and South regions almost every week. We reach the Mountain and West Coast regions at least once a month.

Unlike other LTL options, when shipping Triad Logistics we provide an affordable and guaranteed price quote as soon as you place your order. Triad does not add fuel surcharges, pickup fees, or any other additional fees to your shipping cost. If you get on one of our dedicated trucks, we guarantee your shipping cost will be less than any other LTL option in the market.

We also guarantee to have shipping capacity in the Spring when others can only serve their largest customers.

For our buyers who have a full truck or a preferred long-haul partner, we can consolidate your order at our shipping facility so you can pick-up in one convenient location. We guarantee a pickup window within one week, any time of the year. We offer simple and upfront pricing:

12.5% for first $5k of plants shipping
10.0% for anything above $5k

Click the chat bubble on the bottom right to get live support. contact us if you have any questions or would like to consult our logistics experts - any time, any day.